Hammond Bay Jewelry

Hammond Bay Jewelry was a smaller company of Hammond Bay Art Studios. The company sold unique, handcrafted porcelain jewelry by artist Mary Pritchard. Pritchard first started creating her inspired jewelry when she was a teenager. She based her designs off of the work of artists she appreciated and attended several local art shows to get new ideas.

Years later, as a college student, Pritchard continued and further honed her jewelry making skills. She began working with clay early in her college career and soon developed a real love for clay jewelry. She further explored clay jewelry making under an Idaho artist named Maggi Fuhriman for three years. After finishing her internship, Pritchard and her fiancé opened their own art studio in Hammond Bay.

Her official jewelry line, H.B. Jewelry, was created in early 2001. The line features both carved and stamped clay jewelry melded together with beautiful, timeless sterling silver. Her goal is to inspire an appreciation for natural beauty in her work. Pritchard and her husband operated their studio for several years out of Lake Huron, and the line grew to include necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

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